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Monday December 21st, 2009

President's Christmas Message
What does a runner's Christmas look like? For most of us, I hope it is a balance between relaxing, enjoying the tasty aspects of the season and still managing to fit in the necessary time on the run. Many of us juggle the "me time" aspect of running with our commitment to our families and this can be a more obvious issue over the holiday season. Or for some of us, it can be the opportunity to run during a more comfortable part of the day which is not possible during the normal working week. The important thing is to keep running. After all, Christmas Cake is full of fruit and has to be good for you.

Our Christmas run last weekend was a great success. Despite the dismal weather forecast the night before, Sunday 20th dawned clear and our run from the Beach Café was held in warm, sunny conditions. Our after match function was enlivened by the company of Tony's puppy Sid and the first public appearance of our new Club t-shirt (antlers not mandatory). The Committee has decided to give one of these shirts to each 2009 financial member.

Best wishes to you all for 2010 and all of those races we are in training for.
Club members relaxing Olympic members relaxing at the Beach Café

Thursday September 24th, 2009

Yvonne's Seat Run

Saturday September 12th was a special day for our Club. We gathered at the home of Mark Sullivan and then ran to the spot in the Bottle Lake Forest where there is now a seat dedicated to the memory of Yvonne Evans, our much-loved member who died of cancer last year. This was a spot that Yvonne often brought her children to and the forest tracks were a regular part of the training regime that made her the top athlete she was. We were joined at the seat by her husband Chris and two of their children, as well as her parents. Phil Costley told us how the Park Rangers had cooperated with them to construct the seat which has a plaque commemorating Yvonne. We then set off on a run through the forest. We ended our day at Mark's house for afternoon tea. The children of some of our members were running about in a way that Yvonne would have thoroughly approved of and Mark's back yard was the perfect venue for. It was a memorable Club run.
Yvonnes memorial seat

Sunday August 23rd, 2009

Canterbury Road Championships


Tuesday August 11th, 2009

Governors Bay to Lyttelton Road Race
President's Report.

The weather this weekend was tailor-made for runners and provided the best excuse for ignoring the gardening in favor of donning running shoes. Well done to the 12 Olympic runners who set out on the Governors Bay to Lyttelton Road Race on a glorious morning. This event is a favourite for many of us, because we know the course and we enjoy the undulations and we can call on our uphill or downhill strengths to provide a good time. I was looking at last year's results and I noticed that one of our members had made a significant improvement. Red Maddock took 1 hr 6 minutes last year and this year completed the course in 1 hr 3 minutes and 47 seconds. Whatever the reason at whatever stage of our running lives, it is always good to claw back some seconds, let alone minutes. Well done, Red.


Tuesday July 21st, 2009

Canterbury Cross Country Championships - Saturday 18th July 2009
Canterbury Champs

16 Olympic runners turned up for the 2009 Canterbury Cross Country Champs on a day that turned out to be a sunny cracker despite the foggy start. The course was a test run for the Nationals due to be run here on August 1st. It was an interesting comparison to the course we ran for our Club Champs 3 weeks ago at Halswell Quarry, having a less steep hill but more of a longer run up a gradual hill. Comments from finishers confirmed that it was a tough course. My observations as chief photographer confirm that. Hats off to all our Club members who fronted up with their spikes. The weather in the next two weeks will determine how slushy the bottom creek turns out to be for the nationals.

Our over 50 runners fared well. Peter Larkin continued his dominance of the age group and the field, coming in first in a time of 30.58 and leading Ron McTaggert, Clive Kitchingman and Alec Hobbs in the first 10, to take the Teams title. Bill Stevens was first O65. Doug Dunn, Alec Hobbs, Greg Harney, Stu Taylor, Murray Smith and Peter Coughlan all ran hard to the credit of the Club.

Judith Taylor led the Masters Women to 2nd Team overall by being 7th overall and 1st in her age group. She was supported by Dianne Davis, Debbie Wilson and Heather North to be 2nd Team. Ronalda and Tessa were not far behind.

This is a great spectators course, so be sure to come out on August 1st and cheer on the locals. Results